EG Tank Wars Online Play

Tank Wars Explanation :

EG Tank Wars online play are good old arcade tanks! In battle, gentlemen! Our opponents are well armed, so try to use both terrain, as camouflage and protection, and bonuses on the battlefield that will help improve weapons, turn enemies into wreckage or water into ice for ferrying. Ecaps Games with tons of games for all ages and bringing fun to player Play free online games Have fun!

Tank Wars Game Button Guide?

  • Apollo Button : Full sound on Apollo button!
  • Musical Note : Musical note only music!
  • From the X sign : Game Closed!
  • Arrow sign : We are enlarging the game!
  • Play Game Button : Game play!

Tank Wars How to Play the Game?

  • W : Next
  • A : Left
  • S : Back
  • D : Right
  • Mouse Left : Shoot

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