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If you can enter the game first hand and chest, empty, nature, and alone, alone with your friends are not playing with friends. You will have to cut the tree first of all you have to do. Grab your hand quickly and collect 3-5 trees without the night. The strongest material you can break with your empty hand is the tree. If you couldn’t cut it, the game wouldn’t move. We have to turn the raw material from the tree into the plank and make hand tools such as digging, shoveling, cutting. This process is called crafting. And the key point of the game is done by me.

As I mentioned above, the key point of the game is Crafting. This is because we convert all the materials we dig up, cut and collect, or we combine them with another material to create a different material. In short, what we need to do it through this process. For example, we use charcoal and tree stalks to make torches. While the coal was used directly as a raw material, the tree stalk went through 2 stages. First we cut the tree, made the raw material out of the plank, we also made the stalk. This handle is one of the most necessary materials in the game, such as torch, pickaxe, sword, cuts, ladder etc. used to make. Anyway, without further ado, let us tell you how to do a hand tool in the first stage.

Game Button Guide?

  • New Game = New game button!
  • Load Game = Ressume!
  • More Games = More games button!
  • How to Play = How to play the game!

How to Play the Game?

  • W : Next
  • A : Left
  • S : Back
  • D : Right
  • C : Add tree
  • T : Throw item
  • CTRL + S : Game Save
  • CTRL + L : Game Load
  • Space : Bounce
  • 1 and 9 : Slot selection
  • Mouse Left : Slot fragmentation
  • Mouse Right : New Slot

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