Bubble Witch 3 Saga Play


For any game to stand out, the number of bubble games in the Facebook Bust-a-Move style continues to grow at an exponential rate, making it increasingly difficult. Bubble Saga is a smart and unique physics-based take on the genre and thanks to the similar titled Bubble Witch 3 Saga thanks to the witches trying to do the same … just managed to do that. There is nothing new here in terms of gameplay, and the experience actually feels like a step back in Bubble Saga. The ble Witch Saga is not a bad game, but it is also no different than all the other bubble games out there, so that’s not to say that Bubo is solidly crafted and visually polished. As always, each level consists of a screen full of colorful bubbles. You control a ball at the bottom of the screen where you can shoot the bubbles, and the goal is to match up three or more groups of the same color to make them pop. You’ll also be able to gain power-ups that make things a bit easier, but in each level you need to reach a certain score for your progress.

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