Terms and Conditions

The game portal nogamess.com offers a game portal that can be played for free of charge to people and can be left free to sign up. Users, by visiting nogamess.com, using their content and becoming a member, agree to the following terms of use.

1. Change of terms of use

Nogamess has the right to bring the conditions of use in accordance with the conditions. We kindly ask users to follow the changes in the terms of use and to perform regular checks. The use of pages after changes in terms of use means that the terms are accepted by the users. Terms and conditions of use in the current state The Nogamess.com usage agreement is available on the website.

2. Changes to the website and its contents

a) Nogamess is free to make any changes on the website and its contents without prior notice. Users will see the changes made when they visit the site. The changes on the site are in no way carried out in contradiction with the family and child loving of the portals. Changes are made to make Nogamess.com easier to use.

b) Nogamess strives to be perfect and functional by continuously updating its online services and does not have any obligation to do so.

c) Nogamess does not have to make an effort to ensure that its services are available at all times. But we are making efforts to ensure that our users reach us.

3. Age restriction

Users start using the site, but at least they are 8 years old. Nogamess asks users who are under 8 years of age not to use their pages without parent and parent control. The information presented on the Internet is not always compatible with children as in Nogamess.com. Therefore, we ask parents not to leave their children alone while surfing the internet.

4. Game requests

Nogamess offers games that third parties and companies offer. The following rules apply for these games.

1. The responsibility and liability for the Software is solely with the copyright owner. Nogamess is the guarantor against flawlessness, function or software related situations.

2. Users shall be deemed to have accepted the general terms and conditions of use of the software.

3. Rights on the Software are only those that own the copyright. Nogamess cannot be held liable for legal issues between users and copyright holders by showing a broker, broker or merchant function. Nogamess is not authorized and competent to make legally binding statements to users.

a) Flash-Games

Most of the games in Nogamess are based on flash technology. These games can be played directly via the internet browser. It does not depend on the download or installation.

b) Browser MMOs

Massively Multiplayer Online Games, Nogamess offers cooperation with various partners. These games are operated not by Nogamess itself but by the cooperation partners. By using these games, users and players are deemed to have accepted not only Nogamess, but also the business rules of their respective partners.

c) Virtuel Chat World

Nogamess offers chat environments for cooperation partners. By accessing these sites, the user shall be deemed to have accepted the rules of operation of both the cooperating partners and Nogamess.

d) Premium Games

Premium games are free to get first impressions of the game in a superficial way thanks to a free Flash version. However, you can download the premium version on your computer, but the premium version depends on the users’ wishes. Games in Flash version can be played unlimitedly and free of charge at any time.

5. Fees

a) Nogamess all online web services are completely free.

b) Depending on the internet connection you are using, internet connection charges are calculated according to the internet tariff you choose (eg internet timetables based on time or downloaded data) (You can learn more about this from your internet server). We kindly ask parents to raise awareness and inform their children about these issues.

6. Copyrights

a) The copyright of the content published in Nogamess is owned by Nogamess, its licensors and producers.

b) In addition, Nogamess design, design and layout elements are protected by copyright laws.

7. Data protection

Protection of personal data is very important for Nogamess. In no way will such information be used by us other than to analyze user structures.